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Introducing the Muirsis Zero-Touch™ faucet

The Muirsis faucet is a revolutionary product and a marvel of modern technology. The patented Zero-Touchâ„¢ technology was created and developed in Brea California by our team of engineers, who were inspired by the need to conserve water and to help prevent unnecessary infections in the healthcare industry. After selling the product to hospitals and other healthcare facilities, our team decided to create a version of this faucet for the residential market.

Our belief is that every household should benefit by using this cutting edge faucet technology. The same technology used by many healthcare professionals.

Imagine a faucet that allows you to adjust water temperature and water flow without touching any part of the faucet. Imagine a faucet that contains all the features of a traditional manual faucet, combined with the water conserving efficiency of an electronic faucet.

Your imagination is no longer needed.

Introducing the Muirsis Zero-Touch™ faucet.