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A need to conserve water…

Our initial goal was simply to develop an automatic faucet that would be convenient to use and conserve water. We have surpassed these goals by creating a faucet that is special and uncommon. In the process, we have streamlined our design and manufacturing process to have the least possible impact on the environment.

In order to achieve our goal of conserving water, we needed to redefine the way water is used. Traditional faucets cannot achieve the level of water conservation we are striving for. The electronic faucets in the market today are not adequate for household use. They are not capable of adjusting water temperature or water flow and are difficult to install. What we set out to create is an easy to use faucet that combines the functions of a traditional faucet, with the water conservation of an electronic faucet.

To achieve our mission, we have developed new technologies to help our customers be as environmentally responsible without compromising convenience, style or function.

Innovation and technology…

What makes us different? Muirsis is a company that creates truly innovative products, completely unique to the industry. We believe our products have the potential to positively push a deep rooted industry that has been slow to respond to the needs of the environment towards a sustainable future.

We are living in a very unique and remarkable time. A time in which technology is integral to everyday lives. How we decide to utilize technology will determine the fate of our Earth. It is a common error to incorporate technology in such a way that convenience and usability becomes compromised and the basic function of a product is lost. Keeping this in mind, we’ve engineered our own products so that usability is intuitive to the user.

Muirsis is first and foremost a sustainable design company. In order to achieve sustainability, we have examined every part of the product life cycle. These means we’ve considered every detail of sustainability beginning with the manufacturing of our products, down to the elements of water efficiency.

This belief is what inspired our modular-based system. We’ve engineered our control box so that all the components are integrated into a singular module. This control box minimizes the amount of waste produced during the manufacturing process and makes having an automatic faucet at home a feasible option.

Quality and performance…

Muirsis products maintain the highest quality and maximize performance, while redefining water usage. They maintain the highest level of quality and comply with all the required testing and certifications.

ADA Compliance •ASME A112.18.1/CSA B125.1 • ANSI/NSF61-9 • California AB1953/Vermont S152 • EPA Water Sense

Muirsis faucets are finished with the Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) method. This helps prevent chipping, fading, corrosion and tarnishing. PVD has been proven to be resistant to over 100 cleaning products and can withstand many harsh environments, including corrosive air and hard water.